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Many of the golfers that I have an opportunity to work with come to me because they want to be more consistent in their shot making.   They hit it right and they hit it left.  Sometimes they top it and other times they hit it fat.  Every now and then they catch it just right and it goes flying right in the direction they intended.  That’s the shot that always brings you back for another round.  Sound familiar? 

Consistency is the one goal we all strive for.  But where do you start?  Is it your grip? Your stance? Ball position?  While all of those things are important let’s look at one swing mechanic that might help solve the problem. 

To execute a consistent golf swing, you need to make sure all body parts are working together.  As you start the back swing and rotate your body there is one body part that seems to get out of synch ……… the trailing arm (right arm for righties, left for lefties).  The trailing arm becomes disconnected from the rest of your body.  Some call it a chicken wing or a flying right elbow.  Whatever you call it, it’s a problem. 

Your arms need to stay connected to your body.  I’m specifically talking about your right arm.  As you take the club back, try tucking your right elbow into your body.  As you get to the top of your swing, your right palm should be facing upward and your elbow should be pointing toward the ground.  Think of yourself as a server in a restaurant and your carrying a tray of drinks.  Palm is up, elbow is down.  At the top of your back swing is your right palm facing up?  Go ahead and try it.  Pretend you’re holding a golf club and take it to the top of your back swing.  Now stop and look at it.  Where is your elbow pointing? 

The more you can turn your shoulders going back, the easier it is to get the right hand and elbow in the proper position. 

From the top of your back swing move that elbow back into your body as you start your swing through impact.  Staying connected throughout your swing will help you get that consistency.